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Colorful arcade game machines at Bryan's Bowling Center, featuring neon lights and vibrant graphics, providing fun and entertainment for visitors.

Game On

Sure, Bryan’s Bowling boasts top-notch lanes and golden standards, but the fun doesn’t stop there! We’re also home to an electrifying arcade, packed with thrilling games to ignite your competitive spirit and unleash your inner child. But the excitement doesn’t end with just pixels and points—at Bryan’s Bowling, your arcade victories translate into redeemable points to use at our point redemption counter. Rack up enough points, and you might just become a lucky striker both on the lanes and in the arcade.

Close-up view of an arcade game machine with colorful LED lights and the Jet Pong game displayed on the screen at Bryan's Bowling Center.
Display case with various prizes including toys and candy, each with labeled point values, at Bryan's Bowling Center arcade.
A young girl playing a Speed Driver arcade racing game at Bryan's Bowling Center, with colorful graphics and racing scenes displayed on the screens.
Magic Drop arcade game machine at Bryan's Bowling Center, featuring bright lights and a digital score display.
Cut 2 Win arcade game machine featuring a large teddy bear prize at Bryan's Bowling Center
Halo: Fireteam Raven arcade game machine with immersive setup and vibrant lights at Bryan's Bowling Center.
Fun Zone claw machine filled with colorful toys and prizes at Bryan's Bowling Center.
Seating area with tables and chairs next to arcade games and a pool table at Bryan's Bowling Center.
Mini bowling lane with pins set up at the end, ready for play at Bryan's Bowling Center.
Pool table with cues and a billiard ball set up for a game at Bryan's Bowling Center.