About Us

Bryan’s Bowling Center – Locally owned and operated since 2010!

Meet the Team

Bryan’s Bowling Center has been locally owned and operated since 2010. Our 14-lane alley is located in Laurel, DE just minutes from Route 13. Our friendly staff is always here to help you find the right ball and pick the perfect size bowling shoes.

Nikki Bryan

General Manager

Nikki has been with Bryan’s Bowling Center for over 8 years and an active bowler since 2001.

She is dedicated to keeping the sport of bowling alive in our community for new and seasoned bowlers.
You will find her around the center helping customers make the most of their visit to Bryan’s.

Employee Spotlight

Jennifer Serviss

Jenn has recently accepted the role of Bryan’s Food and Beverage Manager and is instrumental in day to day operations. She uses her attention to detail to provide the best service possible to our patrons. She can be found in the snack bar ready to cook a made-to-order meal or one of our signature drinks.


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